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Audio CD Xtractor is a fast, professional and user friendly CD ripper for Win 9x/ NT/ 2K (aka audio grabber, digital audio extraction).
ACXtractor is the successor of the well known and high estimated RDACD.
You can extract your AUDIO CDs very easily and save it as WAV (make a copy of your original CD), MP3 or OGG.

The aim of the development of the user interface was to put all necessary controls on the main window so that you do not need to search for a certain functions in different windows. The program clearly labels its major functions with quick key shortcuts that are noted on the buttons.
A feature especially estimated from the power user like online publisher and musicians is the ability to select only parts of a CD track. You can adjust the start and end mark with a precision of 1 frame (1/75 sec) and then listen the selection. Thereby it is really easy to get some samples from CD.



The main features of the CD ripper ACXtractor at a glance

  • support of SCSI and ATAPI CDROM drives under Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000 and XP
  • shows detailed information of all SCSI and ATAPI drives and controllers
  • selection of more than one CDROM drive
  • reading audio tracks with the maximum speed supported by the CDROM drive
  • save the extracted data as WAV, MP3 or OGG file
  • MP3 encoder support (GOGO, LAME and BLADE)
  • OGG encoder support (VORBIS)
  • freedb and CDDB support
  • customize the filenames for saving
  • use as CD player (single and multiple selection of tracks)
  • easy and exact selection of a part of the song to extract
  • playing the selected track before saving it
  • playing the start and the end of the selected track
  • delete silence at the start and the end of the recorded WAV file
  • fade in and fade out the recorded WAV file
  • detailed information display during extraction (speed, length, ...)
  • display and edit the title of a song from the CDPLAYER.INI

Requirements to use the audio grabber ACXtractor


To use ACXtractor you need the following:

  • a CDROM drive which can DIGITALLY read audio data (see  Hardware)
  • an installed ASPI layer (further hints and problem solutions:  FAQ)
  • up-to-date MFC SHARED LIBRARY files (MSVCRT.DLL and MFC42.DLL > V6.00.83x)
  • an encoder (GOGO, LAME or BLADE) to save MP3 files
  • an encoder (VORBIS) to save OGG files

You should deactivate the auto play function for a smooth action.
With Win NT/2000 you should assign a drive letter to the CDROM drive.

For further information or if you have problems go to the  FAQ page.

The utility  ASPICHK from ADAPTEC determines the version on your ASPI files and if they are properly installed.

Conditions of use/ shareware hints


ACXtractor is shareware. This software is NOT for free.
You may use ACXtractor for 30 days beginning with the first installation. After this period it is NOT allowed to use the shareware version of ACXtractor.
No features of the shareware version are deactivated. Thereby you can try the program and decide if you like the program or not.
The only difference between the shareware and the full version is a shareware dialog box which will be shown from time to time.

If you like the software and want to continue to use it you can  order ACXtractor online and get your registration.
With your buying you will support the future development of the software.
After registration you will get a key to switch ACXtractor to the full version.
Another benefit of the registration is that you will be informed of new version of the ACXtractor and get it some times before the shareware version.

This software claims no warranty, implied or otherwise. This software is provided "AS IS". The author claims no responsibility for any damages that might be caused by the use or abuse of this software. This software remains the property of the author. This software may not be modified in any way.

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  Download of the CD ripper (aka: Audio grabber, CD to MP3 converter) ACXtractor and the freedb/ CDDB grabber CDAID.